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Sri Lanka’s Signature Hot Sauce

If you’re a Sri Lankan, you know food hits differently when paired with Hot Sauce, especially island-inspired hot sauce from Miris. The island loves embodying bold flavors to spice up cooking. It’s believed that the Chilies were introduced to Sri Lankans in the 15th century by the Portuguese, while colonialism had a lot of impact on Sri Lanka, introducing this exciting condiment was a plus. 

It soon became a part of local spices; now, it’s one thing you can’t take away from Sri Lankan cuisine. The most interesting thing about Sri Lankan sauce and Sri Lankans is both have one thing in common – uniqueness! 

You see, Sri Lankan condiments have a sophisticated flavor combination, in contrast to store-bought hot sauces. To counterbalance the scorching embrace of Naimiris chilies, fresh ingredients like coriander leaves, sharp garlic, and aromatic lemongrass offer depth and complexity. These aren’t simply condiments; they’re taste explosions just ready to enhance your cooking.

Level Dynamite – Passion fruit and Mint salsa bursting with Naimiris chilies!

This is one of the exotic flavors you wouldn’t have imagined on your plate, but once you try it, you’ll come back for more. Level Dynamite is that hot sauce with an Island vibe and a perfect mix of tropical fruit. Add to that loads of mint and naimiris to give that spicy punch and burst of mint, it’s a very bold choice that you’re going to love. 

You can have it on deep-fried meat, fish, chicken, or even baked vegetables, you’ll just love the way it soaks up the natural flavor of the cuisine while not giving up on its own bold taste. 

Level Exxtreme – Naimiris, Garlic, Lime, and Coriander, spices with a fresh twist!

This ‘sugar-free’ hot sauce has some interesting ingredients, such as garlic, lime, coriander, and of course, naimiris. These simple yet powerful ingredients together offer a pungent flavor that will stay on your tongue for some time. 

You can have Level Exxtreme with sandwiches, seafood, or meat marination. Or you can simply combine it with rice, kiribath, soups, or whatever dish you want to taste. It’s all in the way you add it, don’t go overboard because these products are intense enough to give the punch even if you add a little. 

Level Hot – Naimiris, Pineapple, Lemongrass, and Tomato, the burst of flavors! 

As long as you have Level Hot sauce you don’t have to eat your meal bluntly. As a Sri Lankan, it’s nearly impossible for you to have a meal that doesn’t hit the spot. We, Sri Lankans, would bite into a raw piece of chili or onion with rice, in case, the food doesn’t hit the spot. Or we’d have a piece of pickle to spice it up. 

But once you have this smoky, sweet, and spicy sauce you don’t need anything extra. It’ll balance the overall flavors while giving the punch you need. The aroma is just so irresistible and makes you want to add it to everything you eat, be it salad, kottu, English breakfast, shawarma, or even noodles. This sweet and spicy combination is one thing you’d always want in your kitchen! 

If you can’t handle extreme spice yet, you want to keep your meal exciting and exotic, Level Hot is what you need! 

Level Lava – NaiMiris, Single-origin Coffee Infused with Fiery Cinnamon

If you love coffee, you’ll love Level Lava because it has some fierce ingredients, such as coffee, cinnamon, and ever Sri Lankan naimiris. This is Sri Lanka’s first coffee-infused hot sauce, particularly made for coffee and spice lovers. 

You’ll not get enough of this warm, smoky, earthy, and nutty flavor. The more you have it the more you’ll need it. It’ll be the best add-on for those who love meat and can be paired with any type of meat. 

You can use this as a dip. But you can also drizzle it on baked, roasted, grilled, or smoked meat. The choice is all yours! 

And oh, all sauces are available on our website for purchase. 

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