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Fiery Chicken Bites

Made this spicy goodness couple of weeks ago for lunch as a last-minute idea! It turned out so so good!

I used naimiris jam along with a few other spices to marinate the chicken pieces prior coating them with the coating mix and then after I deep fried them I again coat them with a mix of @naimiris_addict fiery sauce and tomato sauce.

I do not have an exact recipe for this as I just went with it but if u do like to try this do inbox me I’m happy to help you ☺️

It was super exciting to get my hands on these Jam and sauce jars from @naimiris_addict .they are not only worthy of the price u pay,this beautiful island mom is super nice and she provides the best customer service! Will be definitely ordering again from her 😘
Thank you so much @naimiris_addict for taking your time to process my last minute orders 🥰so glad I ordered from you ❤️

Do stay tuned to see what I paired this with ❣️

-Recipe by Scrumptious Diaries

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