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A Royal Visit with a Fiery Twist!

Princess Anne, Her Royal Highness, recently visited Sri Lanka and made a special stop at Hatch Works, which serves as the central hub for all things related to startups. From the very beginning of our journey, Hatch and Accelerate Her have played an integral role in the growth of Miris, and continue to be one of our main driving forces.

12th January 2024, Hatch was buzzing with excitement on the day the royal princess graced us with her presence. The place was abuzz with positive energy, and storyboards showcasing Sri Lanka’s entrepreneurial spirit were on full display. We even had rehearsals to ensure we were on point before the princess arrived!

As an entrepreneur and founder of Miris by Islandmom, a hot sauce brand aspiring to achieve global recognition, the opportunity presented to me was nothing short of immense. Meeting a member of the Royal Family was something I never envisioned, and I am grateful to God for this experience.

The day of our meeting was full of anticipation and excitement. I had numerous questions running through my mind, such as whether she had a fondness for hot sauces, whether I could articulate my ideas clearly, and whether it was appropriate to gift our products. To my surprise, I discovered that she has a passion for hot sauces, which provided me with the confidence to convey my vision for Miris. During our interaction, she asked several questions, including how I source ingredients for production, what sets Miris apart, the sauces’ potential pairing options, and my plans for the future. The most memorable moment was when I presented 5 in 1 Miris Gift Box, which I believe conveyed our message more effectively than words ever could.

Founder of Miris by Islandmom, Shivani Tyronne, meets and articulates her vision for Miris to Princess Royal.

It was an exceptional experience that I will cherish for a lifetime. As a female entrepreneur, it was an honor to meet the Princess Royal, who has been vocal about her advocacy for women’s empowerment and leadership in various positions.

Miris is looking forward to future opportunities to showcase our work to other distinguished guests.

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